Client: private
Project duration: 2008-2010
Gross area: 1401,43 m²


The building sits on a plot with a rather difficult geometry and cardinal orientation, part of an urban fabric with narrow plots with mostly two to four levels high dwellings, completing thus the front of one of the many heterogeneous but quiet streets behind the Banu Manta Boulevard blocks. The vertical core, placed at the very heart of the terrain, articulates two apartment areas. Seeking a discreet dialogue with the neighborhood, the building gives a personal meaning to certain attributes of the latter - proportions, tipology of accesses, mediation elements, means of outlining the depth of the plots. The two apartments facing the rear, designed on two levels, close the visual perspective from the street, but maintain the transparency characterizing the surrounding area and offer a hint on the backyard they conceal.


Andrei Șerbescu
Adrian Untaru
Bogdan Brădățeanu
Valentina Țigâră
Sebastian Şerban
Gabi Marinescu
Aurel Manea

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